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CB-BPN-001,Natural Obsidian Buddha(Amitabh) Pendant with luxury Tibetan silver buddha head charms / Tiger eye bead necklace.

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1.Natural Obsidian Buddaha pendant necklace,Eight Great Bodhisattvas. include: Acalanatha,ākāśagarbha,Amitabha,Avalokitesvara,Vairocanabuddaha,Mahâsthâmaprâpta,
Mañjuśrī, Samantabhadra. with Buddhist 108 Prayer Beads.

2.Price as  "Buddaha Pendant Necklace" and "Obsidian Buddhist Beads Necklace".

3.All Bodhisattvas pendant blessed by eminent monks, please select your prefer Bodhisattvas.

4.Worldwide free shiping, free return within 7 days received package.

CB-BPN-001,Natural Obsidian Buddha(Amitabh) Pendant with luxury Tibetan silver buddha head charms / Tiger eye bead necklace.



Jewelry Information
Brand, Seller, or Collection Name  Natural Obsidian Buddha Pendant Necklace
Metal stamp  N/A
Detail  Pendant, Necklace108 beads 
Gem Type  Pendant:obsidian,necklaces agate,obsidian ball 6mm,tiger eye stone(yellow),Tibetan silver
Dimension  Pendant:50mmx33x10mm, chain:38cm.
Package Weight  100g


1.What is this buddha jewelry making from? What is Obsidian , and why use this 

gemstone to produce the pendant?

This buddha pendant necklaces and beads bracelet both made from natural obsidian,

Osidian is black color gemstone from volcano lava, a kind of crystal,, alumina containing 1%-3%, is a

natural gemstone, usually in black or red blue green and other colors. Obsidian have been used as amulets and Talismans 

from ancient times. Mexico is most famou orginal for obsidian.Obsidian is one of buddism craft and beads.symbol of love and

hope, help to eliminate stress, fatigue, and other negative energy,refresh yourself.

2.What meaning of Eight Great Bodhisattvas?What are they stand for?

Among the immeasurable qualities of the Buddha, eight of his foremost qualities manifest as the eight bodhisattvas:wisdom,compassion,power or capacity,activity,merit,qualities,blessings,aspirations.



3.Can I wear Bodhisattvas pendant if i am not buddist?

Yes, the obsidian pendant and beads suitable for all people, not only for buddist.It may bless you happness and hope,wish to

a good life,also can be fashionable accessoreis for everybody.

4.Can I purchase it as gift to my family member and friends?

Yes,sure. It may also bless your family and friends with lucky and happyness.

5.Why the pendant need to bless by eminent monks?

buddha pendant Blessed by a Monk is a religious term, simply means the object is attached on the magic of Buddha, which

allows believers to worship. From the religious perspective, statues, arafat, given its special spiritual, can protect themselves

become holy. The deeper means opens our our inner wisdom. For example, we see Bodhisattvas image hear the Buddha's

name, lead us to the heart of compassion, to help others in our life, to love others, to treat all things equally and compassion.

We vola jewelry donated to Mount Jiuhua temple(Anhui Province,China) and invite eminent monks to bless pendant.So

buddha jewelry set cost include this donation.


6. How can I puchase this jewelry set ?About shipping ,after service?

You can pay by paypal or paypal via Master/Visa card. Jewelry set may delivery out in 24 hours of purchase. shipping

by ePacket or regist traceable air package, shipping time 7 to 14 days. Trace URL

If you not feel happy with the jewelry set , can free return to our address within 7 days, seller may pay return delivery cost.







































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