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   Factory Tour.






 Jewelry Production Process.

 1. concept and design: designers will hand out their own ideas sketch, use mapping software to the exact dimensions of the sketch drawing.



2. craftsman carving wax: jewelry craftsmen hand-carved out by reference of design drawings, and then use the lost wax method of casting poured silver mold, and wax mold's mass production need use silver mold  to press rubber mold. This is the most demanding jewelery-making process step, the system of smooth silver mold must trace each part of the structure is reasonable, each part needs to accurate.



3. plastic mold injection wax: Wax injection machine should be kept at 70-75 degrees, the wax was injected into the rubber mold, remove wax mold after cooling, followed by repetition, to get more wax mold.



4. select matching Stone: According silver mold and wax mold, pick the size, shape and color of a suitable matching stone.



5. finish wax mold,all wax mold for this production lot are ready.



6. wax tree: wax ring for each handy welded to wax stick, finally get a "wax tree", ready for casting.



7. weigh wax tree: weigh the rubber base, after build wax tree was then weigh again, then can get the weight of "wax tree",based on weight wax tree weight ,use gold or silver specific gravity results for the amount of metal casting.



8. fill plaster: put wax tree and base put together into stainless steel tube, and the corresponding weight of the gypsum slurry injected slowly along the steel tube wall, over the wax tree, vacuum prevents naturally and wait 6-12 hours, let it solidified gypsum.



9. baking Plaster: baking the plaster mold, so as to remove wax, dry and casting insulation.



10. remove plaster mold: Remove roasted plaster mold, and prepare cast metal solution needs.



11. pouring liquid gold or silver : inject the melted goldwater to nozzle.



12. centrifugal casting process: Use a vacuum induction centrifugal casting machine casting



13. plaster mold fried wash and cleaning: after casting plaster mold is hot, remove from the casting machine after the natural place for 10-30 minutes, then wash in cold water for frying. Gypsum burst due to shrinkage effects, remove the gold tree, steel brush to large gypsum, placed in a 30% hydrofluoric acid for 10 minutes, rinse clip out, to remove the remaining plaster, until get golden tree clean surface.



14. cut casting: cut jewelry from goldern tree and clean. 



15. barrel polishing process: stainless steel abrasives and active organic synthesis solution into the drum, with the rotational friction of the surface smooth and bright



16. calendering process: calendering conducted entirely by hand, with a special calender knife back and forth to promote the jewelry surface, this process requires a certain technology and practices.



17. polishing process: Use the jewelry polishing machine for polishing until the surface is smooth and bright.



18. select the diamond or gemstone: The diamond/gemstone manual sorting, picked the right color, cut, size matching, ready to be mounted, then mosaic it.



19. quality control.



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