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  • Sterling Silver
  • Since ancient times, people across the globe have considered silver a highly valued metal. Silver has many uses, one of which is jewelry. You'll find bracelets, necklaces, earrings and other accessories crafted of this precious metal.

    Similar to gold, silver in its purest form is soft and delicate. In order to be used for jewelry, it is often combined with metal alloys, such as copper, to increase its strength. When pure silver is mixed with less than 7.5% alloy, it is known as sterling silver. Sterling silver is at least 92.5% pure silver and significantly more durable than regular silver. Sterling silver jewelry is stamped in various ways (such as "sterling" or "925") to indicate its content. At Kay, all of our silver jewelry is sterling silver.


    Although some jewelry metals are resistant to tarnish, silver is not. If you have a silver piece that you do not wear very often, tarnish can build on its surface. Regular polishing with a silver cleaner can be a quick and easy solution. It's important to clean tarnish before it builds. Otherwise, it can cause long-term damage to your jewelry.

    • Platinum
    • Valued for its purity, rarity and strength, platinum is considered the most precious of all jewelry metals. Its beautiful color and elegant appearance make it an ideal choice for brides and all jewelry lovers.


      Compared to gold, platinum is five times as rare and much more pure when used in jewelry. For instance, gold must contain at least 41% pure gold or it will no longer be considered gold. To be considered "platinum," however, the metal must contain at least 90% pure platinum. Recently, many jewelers have begun to offer a more affordable alternative, 585 Platinum, containing 58.5% platinum and 41.5% copper and cobalt.


      Although they appear similar, platinum should never be mistaken for white gold. The two metals differ not only in strength, but also in color. White gold is originally produced from yellow gold, while platinum is already white. Therefore, the color of platinum is actually whiter than white gold.


      Unlike other metals, platinum does not expand or distort when exposed to heat, and it never tarnishes. Instead, it ages beautifully by developing a lustrous patina. This hypoallergenic metal is also heavier than most metals and commonly used as a secure diamond setting.



      Gemstone Guide

      The natural gemstones on this website may have been color and/or clarity treated by: heating (generally); oil/wax/resin (emeralds); diffusion (sapphires, rubies, topaz); or fissure-filled with a glass-like by-product (rubies, sapphires).


      Although most treated gemstones are stable, some may require special care in jewelry repair. Our trained professionals are knowledgeable in repairing jewelry that contains treated gemstones.


      Gemstone jewelry should only be gently cleaned by rinsing in warm water and drying with a soft cloth.


      It is our policy not to sell or trade in gemstones that have been treated with vapor deposition. We do not sell rubies from Myanmar/Burma. We do not sell composite rubies. We do not sell coral.


      Cultured Pearl Care

      Cultured pearls are soft and vulnerable, requiring delicate care in order to maintain their beauty. When getting dressed, cultured pearls should be the last item put on and the first item taken off. Makeup, hairspray, perfume, and other chemicals are very harmful to cultured pearls. They can be gently washed in a mild soap or wiped with a damp cloth to remove daily build up and dirt. They should also be separated from other jewelry to avoid nicks and scratches.


      As with any gemstone, it is recommended to have your cultured pearls cleaned and inspected by a professional on a regular basis. Restringing your cultured pearls may be recommended by the jeweler as a result of the inspection.

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